When Elizabeth first approached me about PEMF for my horses, I told her I didn't really think it worked. I had tried Magnawave and it did not seem to work for my horse. Elizabeth showed me how her machine worked differently on my horse Wally and I was sold. He relaxed during his first session and was yawning and releasing tension almost immediately. It has helped us to diagnose where he is uncomfortable and help relax his sore muscles and reduce swelling. She helped reduce swelling in his leg in just one day after a mystery lameness issue. She has also been an integral part of helping keep him mentally relaxed and boost his immune system as we work with a vet to treat him for EPM. Elizabeth has been such an important part of our program to get Wally feeling his best after dealing with some unanticipated health issues. I highly recommend anyone who is on the fence about trying PEMF, give Carolina Pulse a try! You will not be disappointed and your horse will thank you!
Mary Thomson
Maple Leaf Stables