The Benefits of PEMF

PEMF is used to help achieve accelerated bone mending and wound healing, repairing and regenerating damaged or diseased tissues, increasing cellular level of oxygen absorption (up to 200%!), and enhancing the synthesis of protein.


–       Circulation

–       Energy

–       Cell Hydration

–       Flexibility

–       Immune system

–       Bone density

–       Lean muscle mass

–       Range of Motion

–       Stamina

–       Strength

–       Endurance

–       Neuromuscular Response

–       Cellular Metabolism

–       Utilization of Nutrients


–       Pain

–       Stiffness

–       Inflammation

–       Edema (Swelling)

–       Spasms

–       Stress

–       Bruises

–       Contusions

–       Toxins and Cellular Waste

–       Build up of Lactic Acid


Horses should love their PEMF sessions and relax. Some horses it does take a few sessions to truly r


Using PEMF in relation to competition is the most common use, but regularly scheduled sessions are where you see the most amazing overall results! PEMF helps give your horse that edge before they compete by alleviating muscle soreness, fatigue, tension, stiffness etc.- but imagine if you could combat those issues on a weekly basis. Your horse would recover from a hard workout quicker, you can stay in front of issues of crookedness by helping the body work more evenly and we’ve seen fungus, autoimmune issues, arthritic issues and other chronic conditions subside. 

Regular sessions also allow a skilled PEMF Practitioner to track your horses tension patterns and notice when areas get tighter with changes in work or increased workload. By addressing these areas you could ward off injuries by preventing compensation patterns from developing. This allows your horse to continue to work correctly. Pricing is the biggest concern for most when having regular sessions, so we offer package deals and pre-pay discounts. Please refer to our pricing page.


First and foremost any injury that is worked on with PEMF should be addressed by a Veterinarian. Veterinarians are implementing PEMF into their clinics across the world due to the amazing results and we have worked closely with many on injuries and chronic conditions of all types. It is important to have a Veterinarian to diagnosis not only to monitor results, but to make sure you know what is going on with your horse. Discuss the diagnosis with your veterinarian and PEMF practitioner to determine the correct protocol for your horse. We’ve seen horses needing 6 months of stall rest return to rehab in as little as 1 month. To say the results are incredible is the understatement of the year. Every injury is different and deserves a customized approach.

-Tendon Injuries

-Bone Injuries






-Autoimmune Conditions

-Inflammatory Processes

-Chronic conformational or genetic issues-i.e. Navicular, kissing spine, etc. Please note these conditions require a regular maintenance plan due to the nature of the condition.

-PEMF can help with anything related to cellular function. If you are unsure if PEMF can help please contact us!


Competitors across the world in every discipline use PEMF. Whether your sport demands power, strength, speed, stamina or overall conformation and muscle tone- PEMF will help.

-Race Horses- Use PEMF to race faster and recover quicker. By optimizing cellular function a horse can utilize its own power and strength more effectively. After a race the horses recover quicker when they don’t create as much damage from a hard workout.

-Dressage- Use PEMF for the power, improved range of motion and suppleness it brings to their training. Dressage is strength training at it's finest and by optimizing the cells function stiffness and tension are thwarted so the horse can show off and shine. 

-Eventers- Use PEMF before dressage to feel loose, supple and even, after cross country to recover and before they show jump to optimize their power. By using PEMF throughout your training you can help your horse recover from gallops or hard jump schools more effectively and help minimize wear and tear on the body. 

-Hunters-  Does your horse need to relax? Struggle with their changes? Need to improve their step? While we are limited to work with what mother nature blessed your horse with, PEMF can help optimize every ounce of potential in your horse. 

-Jumpers- Speed events are where PEMF shines- by optimizing your horses range of motion they can use their body better to jump and maneuver more efficiently between fences. Power agility and strength are all improved with PEMF. 

-Endurance- PEMF is tremendously helpful for endurance riders both before and after their competition. By optimizing cellular function the horses feel better and use their body better during competition. By helping repair damage the horses recover quicker from their efforts. 

-Western Speed Events- PEMF optimizes cellular function that allows for more power, more speed and thus faster times. Barrel racers are some of our biggest clients! How fast can your horse go? 

-Reining- When accuracy, power and performance matter most is where PEMF shines- by helping your horse feel it's best your equine partner will be the best they can be. 

-Gaited horses- PEMF optimizes range of motion, promotes relaxation and allows the horse to use itself to the best of it's ability- no matter what gait it is! The saddlebreds I have worked on notice their horses gaiting the best they ever have! Try it on yours and lets see how well we can make your horse move! 

-Conformation/In Hand/Breed Shows- Muscle tone, gaits and overall appearance are the most important aspects for these horses and PEMF helps with all of those! By addressing muscle tension you allow the body to look it’s best. Optimizing range of motion allows the gaits to look their best and regular use helps keep the horses coats looking incredible! 

PEMF is the only alternative therapy allowed at shows. By restoring cellular funcation you are not masking issuers or covering anything up- you are actually promoting the bodies to ability to heal itself!

How PEMF Compares

Magnetic Blankets: The main difference between PEMF and magnetic blankets, is the delivery method. Magnetic blankets offers a low, uniform level of power, that is unable to penetrate denser areas of the body. PEMF has the power to deliver specific and high powered pulses to target areas, and  provide a visible detection of soreness or an injury. 

Shockwave: This therapy is only done on a specific point of the body and can be invasive and painful for the client. PEMF therapy does not mask pain, versus shockwave, which can increase healing, but has been known to only provide temporary relief. Shockwave therapy also does not have the ability to penetrate deep into the tissue, maxing out at 4 inches,  while PEMF accessories can travel up to 16 inches into the body. 

Laser Treatments: This therapy does not have the ability to detect soreness, and is generally used for a specific point on the body. This is a downfall for the laser, as its focal area is less than an inch wide. PEMF can be used on the whole body, with a time from of 30-60 minutes, while laser treatments are limited with its focal point. Laser has a penetration ability of under 2 inches, unless the power is increased, which has a potential to damage the cells at the surface. 


As he is aging, it is harder for him to move around as well as stand up after laying down. PEMF is helping to better his way of life.


He is an OTTB that had a body full of soreness, and did not know what to think of PEMF in the beginning. He now enjoys his weekly sessions to help with tightness.