Elizabeth Rigsbee, Certified PEMF Practioner

Elizabeth has over 25+ years of experience with horses as she is the daughter of two former horse trainers and was raised on a horse farm. She started her riding career riding saddleseat, and as a young teen changed to eventing and in her later years found her true passion of dressage. Elizabeth has a 15 year old hanovarian that she competes with and a young quarter horse that is in training and will be a possible dressage prospect. 

Elizabeth leared about LifePULSE When she was competing at a show and her horse got hurt, she was willing to do whatever would help him to feel better. Someone recommended PEMF and she had the practioner over immediately, after watching the treatment her husband and her were intrigued and wanted to learn more. After a trip to TIEC and a few hours with the company she knew this is what she wanted to do. Helping humans and animals is her passion and to know what she can help people/animals feel their best and compete feeling their best was exactly what she had been looking for. She knew she wanted to use a machine that was the newest technology and best training and that is why she chose LifePULSE PEMF. 

Have Questions?

Elizabeth is here answer any questions you may have. Also for you to understand how beneficial the therapy is, it helps to understand how it works and what makes it unique from other treatments.


Located in South Charlotte, however will travel depending upon how far and how many sessions are needed.