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At Carolina Pulse we use the Pulse centers PEMF machine, the most advanced technology on the market! This is the same brand that is used by top equine professionals, such as Will Simpson, Schyler Riley, Allison Brock, Margie Engle and many more. PEMF therapy can be found in all equine disciplines from dressage to show jumping to barrel racing, and even bull riding. PEMF therapy is for all types of people and animals!

Our main goal is to improve the quality of life by providing excellent service with flexible appointment bookings. We specialize in equine PEMF, as well as canine and people. We are proud to offer excellent care, affordable services and great incentives. 

Free Demonstrations

Gather a minimum of four people to learn and experience first hand the pulse life!

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Recieve 20% off your PEMF therapy treatment 

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Recieve 10% off your next PEMF therapy treatment once your referral has booked!

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